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Experience Bhutan and its people on a short trip by meeting families, staying in small hotels, visiting schools, enjoying hot stone baths, and sampling regional foods. Travel routes in Bhutan may be somewhat limited, but what you do in the country is as broad as your imagination.Read More

A Taste of Bhutan

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This is the perfect trip for those who want to blend iconic and off the beaten track Nepal and have only a short time.Read More

A Taste of Nepal

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This all too short Taste of Vietnam takes you through the highlights of the country – Saigon, Hoi An, Hue and Hanoi, and allows for a short 3 day/2 night extension in Halong and Bai Tu Long Bays.Read More

A Taste of Vietnam

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During your time in the country, you will travel from alpine environments down to the jungle, ending in rarely visited Royal Manas National Park, where you can enjoy rafting, hiking and catch and release fishing. The journey ends back in Paro with the almost obligatory hike to Tiger’s Nest before your flight out of the country.Read More

Get to know Bhutan and its people through a series of adventures and experiences in the country. Compete in an archery match with the locals or participate with a family in a Lu-Choe offering to the local gods on one of our Bhutan travel packages.Read More

The purpose of this trip is to evoke an understanding of Bhutan and perhaps a spiritual awakening through the study and use of colors within the context of cosmology, astrology and Buddhist teaching.Read More

Explore the wonders of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan all in one amazing adventure. In Tibet, wander Lhasa and Everest Base Camp. Descending down to Nepal, explore the wonders of the Kathmandu Valley.Read More

不丹和人民通过会议famili经验es, seeing a variety of festivals, staying in small hotels, rafting the rivers, enjoying traditions such as hot stone baths, and sampling regional foods.Read More

The trek to Chomolhari is a sacred trek. In Bhutan, people look at the mountains as some sort of divine power. In Bhutanese, Chomolhari is pronounced Jumolhari and means the heavenly deity of animals.Read More

A Bhutan adventure package tour for those who want to understand the diversity of the nation! Where most people go half way across the country only to Bumthang, you will travel from Paro in the west, all the way across the country to Samdrup Jongkar in the east.Read More

Bhutan: West to East – Fall

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This is a special tour for those who want to understand the diversity of Bhutan! Where most people go half way across the country only to Bumthang, you will travel from Paro in the west, all the way across the country to Mongar and Trashigang in the east.Read More

Although this trip is from the base of the Tibetan Plateau in China to Vietnam seems like the ultimate in adventure, curious people of all ages and physical abilities can enjoy this most unusual program.Read More

Enjoy the Sister’s Meal Festival (Valentine’s Day for the Miao) in April and the Lusheng Festival in October in the remote province of Guizhou amid a kaleidoscope of colorful local ethnic groups.Read More

Yunnan is a beautiful place to visit in the spring, summer, fall and winter. The province has a myriad of ethnic groups and lush, tropical scenery.Read More

China: The Magic of Yunnan

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This journey is an opportunity to experience the historical legacy of China’s great cities and towns and enjoy the rural areas with their cultural richness.Read More

The Great Wall, the Terracotta Soldiers, the Mogao Grottoes – when one thinks of classical China, these names leap out at you. This trip takes you there and more.Read More

India is a country with many cultural and architectural treasures – the Taj Mahal, the Hindu temples of Khajuraho, Varanasi, South Asia’s richest collection of prehistoric paintings, the Buddhist temples of Sanchi, and the beautiful Islamic provincial architecture of Mandu.Read More

Classic India

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Explore Colombia's nature and culture by visiting its two major modern cities with its two most beautiful classic colonial villages, all the while taking you deep into the great natural landscapes that surround them.Read More

Colombia – Active Culture

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This incredible journey will take you through the heart of the colorful and charismatic country of Cuba. Through a private tour, you will experience the rich history, meet cultural icons, and savor Cuban cuisine.Read More

From Sumatra, home to Southeast Asia’s largest lake, dense jungles and the orangutan, Indonesia stretches 3,125 miles to Papua, the largely unexplored eastern province that is home to the once headhunting Asmats, peaceful Dani and breathtaking mountain ranges.Read More

Flavors of Indonesia

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A superb trip for families and individuals, this is a marvelous blend of the Vietnamese world and the magnificence of the Cambodian Khmer civilization.Read More

这不仅非凡的旅程带你到the heart of this fascinating world of Mayan tradition, by way of two of the country’s most bewitching treasures, but in addition offers a truly unique experience that will get you off the beaten path and right to the core of Guatemala's most stunning landscapes and fascinating cultures.Read More

Glamping in Guatemala

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This is the “business person’s” Nepal trip – your own private helicopter, a chance to see the Kathmandu Valley, top hotels or lodges, a short amount of trekking in the Himalayas and.... Private helicopter visits to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp and Royal Chitwan Animal Park. Wow! Amazingly, all of this can be done in only 9 days in Nepal! Call us and we can customize this trip to suit your convenience.Read More

Usually off the tourist routes, Gujarat boasts remnants of an Indus Valley civilization dating back some say more than 8,000 years, 2,000-year-old remnants of the Buddhist emperor Ashoka, the first British commercial outpost in India, and the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi.Read More